All our supplies have their quality certification, the most competitive prices in the market and a guarantee. We are committed to extend our products to anywhere in the world as requested by our clients. Delivery times vary depending on the requirement, but we always focus on work with actual delivery times and fully comply with them, offering the best customer care and advice.

The materials we sell come with a high quality and range of their origin depending on the requirements, the main countries with which we work are: Italy, USA, China, Korea, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, France and Malaysia.

Contruvalca  works with more than 70 brands worldwide. Some of them are: 4E, Alco, Apollo, Bonney Forge, Crane, CKVC, DSI, Kuka, Mueller, Neway, PK, Smith, TK Industries, Valvo, Walworth, among many others.

We specialize on providing a big range of: Pipes, flanges, Fittings, ball valves, liners, Etc. We provide all the measurements in the market according with the client’s specifications. We work with all kinds of materials, such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, galvanized steel, bronze, fire proof, PVC, chrome moly, neoprene, amongst other.

We also supply different kinds of heavy machinery, vehicles, electrical equipment, and power generators, as requested by the client.

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